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one honk maybe more

civiloid@ublog.tech replied 30 Mar 2024 15:37 +0000
in reply to: https://benjojo.co.uk/u/benjojo/h/sFg4l1gk7PRf2mSF32

@benjojo @IPngNetworks that is 2x Xeon 8490H ES (I'm not rich enough to buy production silicon of that price), but I can get 1 Gpps even if I limit it to 7 cores per dual port, so you probably can get away with 2x Xeon Gold 6430 or 6530 (better to go for EMR if possible).

16x16 DDR5-4800 RAM

As about NICs - 4x ConnectX-6 DX , 1x ConnectX-5 DX, 1x BlueField-2.

I have patched Cisco trex, but at this moment, it is mostly QoL kind of patches (e.x. one to display all cards in a single TUI).