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benjojo posted 04 Jun 2024 11:01 +0000

Fielding Opinions on modern NICs: Intel E800 series or CX6 (or above?)

Not really a user of fancy features, I just need a NIC with drivers that don't want to kill me

I do not wish to see or be seen by Broadcom or Intel XL710

benjojo replied 04 Jun 2024 11:47 +0000
in reply to: https://altelectron.org.uk/objects/5fe978de-ca8e-463d-ae6d-9e4c5315a4c4

@tj I'm not doing any high speed forwarding, I'm basically just looking for a modern 10/25G SFP NIC that has stable drivers. Most of my workload is TCP flows (aka, this is the future box that bgp.tools runs on). No VM's, so fancy SR-IOV is not needed etc

I plan to add ~50k PPS of UDP to it at some point, but that could easily be moved do another box with a X520 that I universally trust to not go wrong

electronic_eel@socia.. replied 04 Jun 2024 19:13 +0000
in reply to: https://benjojo.co.uk/u/benjojo/h/bWNwj3l5Z1P4Q4b8mX

@benjojo i have used both, Intel E810 and ConnectX-6 Dx.

I had a few issues with optics not being detected by the Intel, but firmware updates fixed them. The last issue I had was fixed with the 4.40 version from earlier this year, so they are still actively working on this and there could still be issues with other optics. Otherwise the cards work well and are cheaper than the Mellanox.

The ConnectX-6 Dx cards I have directly worked out of the box, no issues with optics. Also their integrated switch features and SR-IOV is clearly superior to what Intel is offering. Especially if you want to use SR-IOV in combination with bonding the ports.

I have done some benchmarks and other testing on the crypto and other fancy features of the ConnectX-6 Dx here: