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one honk maybe more

benjojo posted 10 Feb 2024 16:25 +0000

Been working for a bit on getting bgp.tools infrastructure in the NIKHEF facility, and I finally got it running!

A cute little mini PC, 4 core Intel N5105 (10 W TDP) and a CRS 317-1G-16S+ working together to relay data from various IX's into bgp.tools

(I wouldn't normally reach for a Tik in anger, but I can't argue at the low power credentials that they offer!)

With any luck I'll stop by NIKHEF at some point and run my own XC for this rig!

A photo of a rack, showing two items, one a generic 1U mini PC server, and under it a Mikrotik Cloud Switch with 16 SFP+ ports, 2 of them are in use, both units have a sticker that says bgp.tools on it