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benjojo posted 27 Apr 2024 23:17 +0000

TIL you can open MP4 (container) files in wireshark and it sorta works... I guess it's all "packets" at the end of the day

A wireshark screenshot showing a single packet called "MP4" and a analysis of the file

drewdaniels@mastodon.. replied 28 Apr 2024 03:22 +0000
in reply to: https://benjojo.co.uk/u/benjojo/h/HqF93B376KkD5f6DfB

@benjojo I did lots of work with mpeg 2 transport streams during the big DTV conversion in North America. We had a sample file that had IP packets within it. I think when we used one decoding software program, the packets were attempted to be sent over the Internet when we were testing. I wondered if that might be used for DRM, but it’s not likely.
MPEG 4 files that I dealt with were mostly not designed for transport. We were seeing some mpeg 2 streams starting to use MPEG 4 video.