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one honk maybe more

benjojo posted 18 Apr 2024 20:40 +0000

Out of all IPv4 addresses on the internet (that are BGP routed), Around 9.57% of them respond to ICMP ping!

benjojo replied 18 Apr 2024 22:04 +0000
in reply to: https://social.treehouse.systems/users/Aissen/statuses/112294457540592580

@Aissen bgp.tools is basically always doing a /0 ICMP scan for https://map.bgp.tools . I don't think I've observed any serious blocking of that IP address, and anyone who did decide to block based on a single ping every 2 weeks likely does not make a accountable difference to numbers!

In general I believe my network is pretty much as reachable as anyone elses, I do run a commercial service form it and have yet to get complaints about lack of reachability