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benjojo posted 22 Apr 2024 09:31 +0000

While home users can (mostly) change their DNS resolver, the vast majority of them don't.

In a talk last year at nog.fi Alain Durand from ICANN dug down on DNS resolver usage: https://nog.fi/event/1/contributions/6/attachments/2/3/eu-resolvers.pdf

The findings are somewhat interesting, this does mean that "Geo"DNS driven things are still very possible, and actually a reasonably small majority of eyeballs need special casing for public DNS recursors that are more hostile to GeoDNS like Cloudflare's

Obviously the kind of user that changes their DNS to Quad1/Quad8/Quad9 is more likely to also know how to complain if they are being served content from the wrong place, but again it's worth keeping that in mind that most consumer users don't change their DNS.

Biz's however do seem to change their resolver, I assume because they are doing more of the configuration themselves (vs a home user that just has a router with all of the stuff configured out of the box), and are more likely to enter into config DNS recursors that they remember the address of.

A pie graph showing "Large Consumer ISP Biz to Customer" DNS Resolver usage

benjojo replied 22 Apr 2024 09:38 +0000
in reply to: https://ipv6.social/users/miyuru/statuses/112314180982473944

@miyuru I don't really record that kind of data, bgp.tools actually does not log that much data to mostly steer clear of things like GDPR liabilities.

Exceptions are made for "write" actions to users accounts (basically a audit log) and some page load performance data that is kept a few months so I can see if I am doing a better or worse job over time.

I do want to actually repeat some of these experiments, but I've yet to have the time