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one honk maybe more

benjojo posted 23 Feb 2024 12:42 +0000

Even knowing that it's impractical for any real use-case I have, I really want a Supermicro SC101F.

Like look at it! Adorable!

A supermicro server, but it's 1U tall and the size of a house brick. About 3 1U fans wide

wrmsr@peering.social replied 23 Feb 2024 17:56 +0000
in reply to: https://benjojo.co.uk/u/benjojo/h/JPN9W9jPvM3Z9MYlbX

@benjojo This reminds me of the Supermicro BigTwin chassis which actually has its use cases 😁 My 2nd employer had those with 4 blades in 2U deployed for high density virtualization.

I am still dreaming of a private super dense colo setup with one of those and... also two SN2010 (saw it in a customer rack a while ago and asked them about it), but the BigTwin doesn't allow for aftermarket hardware (I don't know if that form factor for those blades even has an official name) and costs...

benjojo replied 23 Feb 2024 21:46 +0000
in reply to: https://peering.social/users/wrmsr/statuses/111982081686542326

@wrmsr bgp.tools already looks a little bit like what you are describing. I picked up a 2U4N type machine (that I use for the bgp collectors) and coming in a few days is a SN2010!

It's a bit of a hair dryer at the hot aisle though! Turns out if you put a lot of compute in 2U, it jets out some serious hot air!